The Path Of Our Dream

Sunday 26 August

122 min | Drama | Country: Armenia, Turkey, France | Suitable for all ages 15+
Armenian with English subtitles
Director:  Aram Shahbazyan, Arka Manukyan, Aren Malakyan, Edgar Baghdasaryan, Hrachya, Keshishyan, Arshaluys Harutyunyan, Mher Mkrtchyan


C L O S I N G   F I L M

Our heart-warming closing film THE PATH OF OUR DREAM is by 7 directors and features 7 unique stories. Each story is based on true events and reflects the lives of ordinary people. Each character is one of us, searching for happiness.

Longing, sense of duty, belief, anticipation, a smile, a newfound dream… What can unite people and make human relationships better and warmer? A wonderful, feel-good film to close the festival.